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IsDBI Blogs is a platform for exchange of innovative ideas and new insights on a wide range of contemporary issues in Islamic economics & finance, sustainable development and related matters. The purpose of the blog is to help researchers, development practitioners, policymakers and the public to better understand key global issues from the Islamic economics perspective, and to spur policy action towards addressing socio-economic problems.


The views expressed on this platform are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official stance of the Islamic Development Bank Institute (IsDBI), the Islamic Development Bank or its Executive Directors and the countries they represent. IsDBI does not guarantee the accuracy of the assertions made in the blog articles.

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Editorial Committee

  1. Habeeb Idris Pindiga, Associate Manager, Knowledge Horizons, IsDBI
  2. Dr. Imed Drine, Associate Manager, Regional Cooperation & Integration, IsDB
  3. Dr. Turkhan Ali Abdul Manap, Senior Research Economist, IsDBI
  4. Dr. Arif Oduncu, Senior Economist, IsDBI
  5. Dr. Wejdan Kenali, Senior Editor, IsDBI
  6. Dr. Mahmoud Bekri, Research Economist, IsDBI

Guidelines for Submission

  1. Blog articles can be written on all topics relevant to Islamic economics & finance, sustainable development, and related areas.
  2. This platform supports both English and Arabic languages content. You can therefore submit blog articles in either of the two languages.
  3. Articles should be about 1,000 – 1,200 words in length. The editorial committee may agree to publish an article that exceeds this limit in exceptional cases.
  4. Articles should have a title and should bear the author’s byline that includes his full name and position/job title. Authors should also submit a 100-word bio, photograph and email address.
  5. Articles should be succinct and written in non-technical language as much as possible, easily accessible to the non-specialist reader with interest in the topics mentioned in Item 1 above.
  6. You are welcome to include visualizations that help support your article. All images must be the property of the submitter. If no image is submitted, the editorial committee can use a suitable image along with the article.
  7. Authors can submit a short video clip of themselves (2 minutes maximum) providing further explanation or analysis on the content of their article. This is not mandatory.
  8. Articles should be the original work of the submitter and must not have been previously published elsewhere.
  9. Articles should be submitted in Word format, with links to other content and references added as hyperlinks.
  10. All staff of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Group are welcome to submit articles. Submissions by external authors are by invitation only.
  11. The committee reserves the right to accept or reject articles, to amend articles, or to ask authors to make changes, to ensure that articles meet the requirements of the blog.
  12. Submit your articles or feedback to [email protected]